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Many Big Dogs, One Man

And now one place to find them all. Along my travels, I've been known to many for many reasons and that gets complicated from a life management perspective the older you get. But more importantly, every project I find myself mixed up in or new venture, the net benefits direct towards one intent and that's the Love of Dog.

From my culinary creations to now my exploits into comedy and NFT art; and from my third epic walk for a dog I lost to cancer and my goal to fundamentally change the outcome of cancer in companion animals and people... they all serve one purpose, one mission and you'll find them all here.

To some I am, ironically, inevitably and perhaps irritatingly Yer Big Dog (the real story behind this coming one day) and to others now jlucas or James Luke Robinson, just the man telling a story. And while I'm working on both the book and the documentary of The Rock, The Ripple and The River, I'll tell as much of this story here and in as many ways as I can.

Enough yapping, I've got a walk in less than four weeks... Puppy Up. Talk soon.

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