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NFTs for Canine Cancer

After Hudson passed almost a year ago, I began seriously looking at comedy as a way to tell this now sweeping three act story which I'll get into more in a subsequent post. But by through delving into that world, I discovered another - NFTs.

Unfortunately, I just don't have time in this post for a tech tutorial in this post but basically, NFTs are photos or videos whose digital rights are sold by the artists to collectors for re-sell on a secondary market. There are many marketplaces for NFTs and the currency can differ for each one.

The jpeg nearby is my first minted NFT which means it is now listed for sale on the OpenSea marketplace. Most sales on OS are based on ETH or Etherium, one of the primary cryptocurrencies used for NFTs. If you click on this link, you'll see 'Murphy Has Fallen' listed at 0.5 ETH the price of which fluctuates against the US Dollar.

Murphy Has Fallen, as some of you know, is based on a famous photo of me carrying my boy his final few steps after he was euthanized. The photo was used as an input in a couple of AI Generators like Night Cafe and Wombo. I want to use AI as a means to help me translate the loss of my dogs to cancer into some understandable form perhaps.

It's the first of many iterations. Also, on Walk 3, I'll have my Macbook Air 4 for sketching our adventures along the way. These WIPs (Works in Progress) will be up for sale at the first ever Canine Cancer NFT Auction we're hosting at the Final Mile celebration at the end of Walk 3 on November 12th. We should have a live link up on this soon.

I've been building up a community of great artists on my Twitter page as that's probably the most easily accesible platform to participate in NFTs: Like FB & Insta, it's @2Dogs2000Miles.

NFTs will be a significant part of my future in various forms and I hope a decent funding source for my foundations work in cancer research and treatment for our canine companions.

The Auction Page on OpenSea for Murphy Has Fallen

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