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Fuzzybutt Studios LLC is Launched and Live

Lots of great things going on these past many weeks in the background. While we look to partner with other production/distribution co's, I founded Fuzzybutt Studios LLC recently as we're pressing ahead with the Docuseries.

Shot with iPhone 13 Pro Max with Prisma Filter

Very soon, we're launching a webseries first focused on the preparations and training for Walk 3 and much more. For now, we'll distribute the webseries only on YouTube though probably expand out to additional platforms in the very near future. The Fuzzybutt Studios YouTube channel is already live and has some content posted that's all just raw, unedited footage we shot for our Trailer up in New York as well as B-Roll, Outakes etc., that I'll be posting for our team and the public to be a part of this process as much as possible.

I have almost finished the first acquisition phase of the Netflix approved equipment and gear we require at a minimum. At some point, this will get too costly for me to finance myself and we're exploring crowdfunding as well as partnering with other production companies.

But my primary goal is to ensure that the Docuseries is a perpetual revenue stream for the Puppy Up Foundation. I've been researching what I think represents the future of film financing - tokenization with the Patronized Self-Distribution (PSD) model.

It's all tremendously exciting and much more coming...

Puppy Up. Talk Soon

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