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Fuzzybutts & Friends Episode 1: Tripawds

Welcome to our first edition of Fuzzybutts and Friends, our new podcast celebrating companionship with our canine mates! It's just a tremendous delight to have with us on this special occasion a couple of friends who have been with since nearly the beginning of our travels, Jim and Rene of Tripawds. It was both of our first tripawds, Malcolm and Jerry, that brought our paths together and while Malcolm took me on Walk 1 from Austin to Boston, once Jerry was diagnosed with osteosarcom, they got on the road and started their adventures.

Jim and Wyatt with Indiana & YBD - San Diego West Coast Walk. 2014

According to the pair, "Jim and Rene live and work from the road in their RV. Their nomadic life began in 2007 when they sold their home, business and nearly everything they owned to travel the country full-time with their terminally-ill dog, Jerry. Given just a few months to live after his leg amputation due to bone cancer, Jerry defied the odds and loved life on three legs for two years. That bittersweet journey inspired the couple to create, the world’s largest online support community for three-legged pets and their people."

The Tripawds Foundation recently launched their National Awareness Campaign: TRIDAY - on March Third (3/3) 2022!

I just can't say enough about the goodness of Jim and Rene and how grateful the Fuzzybutts -all five of them now - are that our respective journies continue on a greater mission for the welfare of our companions.

Puppy Up. Talk Soon. Grayson, Indiana & YBD

Episode 1: Tripawds - Video - Available on our YouTube Channel: Fuzzybutt Studios

Episode 1: Tripawds - Audio - Available at BuzzSprouts: Fuzzybutts And Friends

Episodes of Fuzzybutts & Friends will be dropped at both sites every Tuesday.


Show Notes: The video says 'Episode 2'. Technically that is correct but the first was sort of a pilot between me & my occasional co-host and Director of the Puppy Up Foundation, Ginger Morgan. It's available at Fuzzybutt Studios but for now, not available here.

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