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Fuzzybutts & Friends Episode 2: Alex with 3 D Pets

This week I'm excited to bring to you more than just a podcast but a partner in Walk 3 and the potentially in a game changing project for some pet parents.

Alex is co-partner of Dive Design an awesome Concept Company whose early work with over 200 canine amputees and several other types of companion animals inspired them to spin off a new business, 3 D Pets. Their site is not yet live so check back to the show notes for updates but in this episode we talk about Project 3 Legged Pyrenees.

While all of their commercially available although custom designed and fitted prosthetics are for front limb dog amputees, Grayson represents a unique challenge one that 3 D Pets has been working on in the early stages.

Alex and I talk about what a prosthetic might look like for him for Walk 3 and through extensive road testing and potential clinical trials, make it available to a larger population.

Show Notes: It's a day late and I've been beating myself up about not keeping to a strict Tuesday drop but I've been climbing out of Covid for the past two weeks and had to reschedule a few interviews. But it was the best I could pull off. Next week we'll be back on our Tuesday drop and I'll record an update if'n we're ever tardy again.

Puppy Up. Talk Soon. Indiana, Grayson & Yer Big Dog

Listen to Podcast at BuzzSprout:

Watch the Videocast on our YouTube Channel;

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