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The Hudson River Walk: The Vision and The Route

With Walk 3, our story has come full circle. It began with Malcolm, the rock that became the ripple, Murphy and Puppy Up, and ends with the river of life. The Hudson River. Grayson and I will walk from the origin of the Hudson up in the Adirondacks at Henderson Lake south through Albany and the Catskills, through Hudson Valley down to its end in New York City.

The Hudson River Walk starts September 4, 2022 and at less than 400 miles, Grayson and I are slated to arrive at the final mile - the Brooklyn Bridge - November 4, 2022. Details coming.

Recently, Grayson and I were scouting the route for its feasibility, something I regrettably neglected to do on the West Coast. I only had a week up there to scout and film the upcoming trailer for Walk 3 and while there are tight spots, we've certainly encountered much worse. I also still have many concerns about precise routes since New York state is notorious for its Parkways that disallow pedestrian traffic.

Even bigger concerns are front and center and this blog and our You Tube page - not up and running yet - will be the place where we'll go over each and every concern and challenge we're confronted with throughout the planning and training phases...

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