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T Minus 9 Months

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

On this day, three months ago, Hudson died from metastatic mast cell cancer. And in nine months from now, September 4th, 2022, I begin walking again. Hudson's birthday is August 4th and after he made it to 15 this year, I promised him we'd celebrate every month from there on out. I gave him rest one month to the day later.

So I'll keep that promise and tradition and celebrate his birthday monthly here and use the occasion to update on his memorial walk that we're tentatively calling the Hudson River Walk. And this is where you can find the official countdown as well.

So with nine months to the day remaining, to say we have tons to do is no hyperbole. But not to worry, we have plenty of tarmac for the proper planning and preparations necessary for Grayson and I to successfully walk the 400 or so mile stretch together.

It's ciritical to emphasize from here that priority one for me is to get Grayson (1st) and me (2nd) safely from Point A to Point B. All other priorities are subordinate to that.

In a previous post, I briefly reviewed 'The Route' along the Hudson River from the Adirondacks to New York City. That's the first of many posts I'll make as we learn more and make adjustments to our precise path.

The long list of challenges Grayson and I face on the road is an upcoming series of posts I'll start soon as well. Recently in a social media post, a friend politely voiced some concerns she had. 'However many you have, multiply that times by a thousand. At least.' I replied.

I remain undaunted yet take every one of them with the degree of seriousness they command. Chief among them is Grayson's ability to walk... or hop 400 miles? Of this I am so far unconvinced. Without assistance that is.

Another big concern I have which warrants further investigating, is Grayson's tendency to drift into me since he's missing his left hind leg. When you factor in that he walks on my left and we walk together towards traffic, it could be a problem.

So, I'll be interviewing experts on kinetics for our upcoming YouTube Channel and discussing things like stress to his single hind leg and other big concerns like pad wear. And on cue...


Coming up this week (90% Chance!) I'll have our YouTube Channel up with some of the spectacular footage from the reel we're putting together for our DocuSeries. Also new social media accounts online this week.


This Sunday (80% Chance) I'll be launching the Midnight with Malcolm and Murphy Podcast. My setup is not technically complete but should be worked out. It's a dream in the making for a while now and once up and running, I hope I have the bandwidth to commit to weekly podcasts. But with all the filming and training we've got weekly, we'll see.


Docuseries. Where we're at. Think we have 80-90% of the footage we need for the Trailer or Reel. Next week we're meeting with prospective editors who can help put this whole story - the trilogy - together in 3 - 5 minutes. We anticipate being in post production through mid January at least but we're pushing as fast as we can. More soon.


Question from a friend on Facebook as to whether Indiana, my other Great Pyrenees, whom you'll get to know along the way, is joining Grayson and me. My Fuzzybutt #4 will be 11 next year and 7 years off the road so he is officially retired. And loving it. His happy old ass will be with his Mommy G watching (or prob not) from Memphis, where we currently office and reside upstairs at the Morgan Manor. Our Basecamp of operations.


Think that's it for now. Much more later. Shout out to Tactical Magic whose Chief Ideator, Trace, is applying his creative talents to this ambitious effort we've undertaken for not just Walk 3 but all the great things that will follow!


Happy Birthday Hudson....

Puppy Up! Talk Soon

Luke Robinson

(Yer Big Dog - even to the ones that don't want me to be!)

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